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Lo Staff di Paolino Packing

PAOLINO PACKING, was founded in the 30s as a family run business and became a fully operating company in 1952. Today it has developed into a dynamic and modern business, market driven and offering an increasingly customer focused service.

Our first customers were the Fiorentine antique dealers, who entrusted us with the packaging of their precious goods which were shipped all over the world.

Four generations of professionals have accumulated 60 years experience  and professionalism and together with the help of innovative technologies, we aim to continue to offer our customers a reliable, punctual and competitive service.

We are ready to meet any new demand. PAOLINO PACKING has evolved at the same rate as logistics has acquired a more important role in the trade business. Today with 60 years of expertise, we are a well-established company, which listens to its customers in order to overcome any difficulty.

Imballaggi e Logistica: Il Magazzino

We research and analyse carefully any new material used to design the packaging solutions according to our customer's needs. The production of all our timber packaging is carried out in-house and using only environmentally friendly materials.

We collect our customers' goods directly from their premises and offer a warehousing service. Our production and stock warehouse is 2000 sqm and we have 10000 sqm of outdoor space. Collection and delivery of goods is always carried out within the deadlines established.

We work with well-established and reliable international partners. By doing so, we guarantee our customers savings in terms of costs and time.

We give a 360 degree logistic service, offering our customers, manpower, storage and suitable technical support to carry out the work in an easy, safe and competent manner.

These are the main areas which summarise the services we offer:

  • Analysis and research of new materials
  • Carefully designed packaging solutions
  • Constant research of functional and competitive solutions
  • In-house production of all timber packaging ISPM 15 certified, favouring environmentally
    friendly materials
  • Collection and storage of goods meeting our customers’ needs
  • Management of the complete logistic process
  • 2000 sqm of production and stock warehouse
  • 10000 sqm of outdoor storage space
  • Lorries with detachable loads
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